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About us



Create unique products with passion and detail that generate freedom and happiness for all athletes.  


To be a beloved and globally recognized brand for its quality, good service, commitment and innovation.. 



The idea Saeta was born thanks to the enterprising spirit of a Colombian who dreamed of making a company pride with the pride of his country.


The action With a couple sewing machines and passion a dream comes true. A new, high quality sportswear company is born in Colombia. Saeta enters the market competing with an innovative fabric ideal for all athletes. Soft to the touch, shiny, durable, and fresh.


Saeta dresses local teams in Colombia Saeta is proud to dress "Santa Fe" in the capital city. For the first time in Colombia the logo of a sports brand is visible on the jersey of a professional soccer team. Thus, Saeta becomes recognized when it hits the press.


SAETA is formally born SAETA is formally registered with the Colombian commercial authorities. Saeta Futsal Club is born. The Saeta micro-football team is born, giving children and young people the opportunity to become in professional players of a sport that did not have much sponsorship. 


Saeta is positioned in Colombian soccer. SAETA dresses 13 professional Colombian soccer teams, becoming the main provider of soccer sportswear at the national level.


Saeta exports to Sweden Saeta takes the first step towards exports and very successfully ships its products to Sweden. All due to the rapid growth of the company and being recognized as a brand of prestige amongst athletes.


Saeta begins to work with the Colombian Athletics Federation This alliance continues today and has allowed Saeta to improve their products to meet the needs of the high-performance Colombian athletes.


Saeta sponsors a team in the United States This year Saeta sponsors a team from the state of Georgia, U.S.A; The ATLANTA SILVERBACKS. Colombia futsal world champion using Saeta Saeta makes a brand impact by sponsoring COLOMBIA in the X World Cup of Soccer and they were victorious as the champions of this tournament. Colombian athletes in Daegu 2011 World Athletics Championships wear Saeta Colombia wins a gold medal in the 20km Race Walk with Luis Fernando López and a bronze medal in triple jump with Katherin Ibarguen.


Saeta has become the first brand in Colombia to sponsor a national team in FIFA and sign a contract for 4 years with the Haiti Soccer Federation.


Saeta, Colombia start a new business in the United States selling products in Amazon and in its own virtual store.